Monday, June 20, 2016

"We have no choice" is Trump's favorite rational for his particular brand of social and political violences. 
"We have no choice" may also maybe one of the most seductive of Satanic verses, as it denies in the face of it and in our troubles, humanity's greatest abilities to adjust, be creative and imaginative, to be compassionate even, as well as the universal spiritual and philosophical truths which are foundational in the human experience, that we always have a choice. We always have a choice as to which course we will follow, which is the elemental proof of our freedom. To give into the deception that "we have no choice" is to give up our freedom and give in to the darkest possibilities and to begin to lay pathways to the next Inquisition, the next Trail of Tears, the next Dachau, the next blood soaked crusade of your choosing.  
We Always Have A Choice. 
Do we have the courage to choose what is right?
Do we even have the courage to acknowledge what is right?
These are the questions we Christians, and all people whose spirituality calls them to live and lead the way in compassionate civil justice, must confront to realize the greatest power of the incarnation the God Spirit in humanity, compassion. 

This is the beautiful gentle task and happy blessing we are all called to, living in compassion, which is always and forever the experience of our choosing. 

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