Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kissing Paul

I am perplexed
by this figure cut in rock
the marbled morality
the conservative touchstone

I run my fingers
over the cracks in the stone
and feel a warm breath
escaping the fissures


Liberate the man
from the bondage
of controlling boondoggle
of deified domination
of fearful veneration

Arise Paul
from the tomb
of dusty imaginations
and dirt dry passions

Arise and enter my room
sit stay and talk a while

I am surprised
by Paul's passionate kiss
surprised by the exchange
of breath
and spirit

I had forgotten your doubts and pain
the thorn in your side
the pain of your fragile soul
unable to control your
mysterious urges

What warm body did you confide in
who did you embrace
who did you cling to
in the agony of your humanity

Who kissed you
returning the smile
to your Apostolic face

Who granted you the blessing of fragility
of finding God in our fragility
who reminded you
again in your anger
your despair and sorrow

Who in the body of Christ
touched your body in Christ

Who taught you the mystical kiss
we now share

Who reminded you
that the greatest of all things
is Love

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sitting in the dark
on cold brick steps
sitting in the dark
in empty silence
the night breathes
in and out
its trembling breath

Flickering through
the dark green canopy above
is the moon
of the fall
through the leaves
the moon is winking at me
from her empty core of secrets

She is blue white
she is full and hollow

The silence of the night
echos the empty silence
within me
We listen to one another
for whispered awareness
the longing recognition
of sighing persistence

I breathe out
myself into the
moon-cast shadows

In every breath
I pour out countless
molecules of me

Every breath in
is breathing the cosmos into my lungs
and all that exist before it

Every breath in carries the taste of eternity
all that is less than me and more

I am less than dust
awaiting rapturous fulfillment in nothing
into one