Monday, August 29, 2011


From Paul's dark glass shattered
an ancient shard pierced my heart
a wound for which there is no healing
but instead eternal gratitude
for finally living
it is neither anguish or joy
but some unmapped region in between

driving in a van on 285
dodging angry spirits
behind the wheels of hurtling
4000 pounds of prestige
with chrome wheels
satellite radios and fine leather seats
quietly with a pierced heart
I say The Liturgy For Vans On 285

If this makes me odd then
I'm looking for the community of odd folks
singing "shall our hearts forget his promise, 'I am with you evermore"
giving Christ heads bodies legs and arms
bumbling and stumbling
manifesting God again and again
manifesting in fits and starts
in you
in me

Saturday, August 20, 2011

With Icons

These are prayers which I use with small icons to help me change gears from the daily concerns, calm the heart, soul, body and mind as I prepare to say The Daily Office. The icons are 2"x2". On the left is a Christus Pantocrator and on the right is a Mystical Supper (Last Supper) icon.

The Pantocrator is Jesus, the Sustainer of All, robed in a red tunic which represents his full humanity, and a blue cloak which represents his full divinity. He holds scripture in his left hand while his right is raised in benediction.

The Supper icon shows the apostles and Jesus at the Last Supper, the roof of the room is open revealing the city and hills in the background and angelic beings above all, signifying the focus and participation of all creation in the moment of communion.

I begin by gazing into the Christus, slowing my breath, allowing my thoughts to pass freely from my mind and allowing my heart to open more fully into the present moment.

Then I say the following to refocus my mind onto my purpose and intention, gazing first into the Christus until the prayers reaches the point marked here with a semi-colon, then my gaze turns to the Supper.

Loving Christ, in your compassionate love, you pour yourself out into us completely so that we may be healed, restored, transformed; so that in compassionate love, we may also pour ourselves out into the communion of humanity and creation. Amen.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


There is darkness
yet in your light it dissolves
as you fill its emptiness

Darkness is not destroyed
but transformed
in the union of your presence

The quality of the bowl never changes
but is simply either being emptied or filled
yet the bowl remains
true to its purpose
whether empty or full

If I see God
in this world or in your face
what else remains

If I fail to see God
it's not because God is absent
but because of the absence
in my eyes