Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michelangelo's Moses Has Horns

How thin is the difference
between wrestling with
angels or demons

Feathered wings
or wings of skin
beasties or besties
horns or halos

The degrees of difference
are as a reversed
image in a mirror
or in the flip of a coin

Heads I win
tails you lose

Choosing to be good
under the promise of heaven
or the threat of hell
is not a choice freely chosen
but rather a dark deception of a darker conceit
a bleak concession made at gun-point

Freedom exists in the choice
to do or not do
solely for the sake
of selflessness
without regard to
gain or loss

Milton's fallen ones made one choice
choosing once and for all to reject love

We are blessed to choose continually
to participate eternally
in the eternal blissful friction of creation

The lover's kiss begins and ends
before we can feel it

Who can say
exactly where is the line
where the shadow ends
and the light begins

How good are my eyes
to see shadows
to see light
to see all
in the full depth of being

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