Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was watering the garden
in silence

I noticed her
The Spirit
next to me

I asked her
which comes first
vanity arrogance or anger

She placed her
gentle hand on my shoulder
and said

the closed heart comes first

My heart broke open

To the relief of my soul
I began to cry
the heavy tears of sorrow

Spirit embraced me
she kissed my wet cheeks
then whispered in my ear

these tears are
the seed and water
for your
open fertile ground

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Having known that I have lived
alone for most of my adult life and
that I was secluded from the church
for nearly thirty years

The bishop asked me
how is now living in community going for you

I answered

He asked
and what is difficult

I answered
as with any family
accepting the peculiarities
and idiosyncrasies of the people

Later while in meditation
I recalled this conversation
and the Spirit spoke

She asked me
what was most difficult

My heart cried out
being humble

To which my mind added
our complaints
are the children of our arrogance

To which my soul replied
our arrogance fathers all our transgressions

Through her laughter Spirit said
oh my
so many children being fathered
by one who's pursuing chastity

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There is no greater act of praising God than to act in love, kindness, justice and mercy.


Here is my theology: God is Love.
Here is my orthodoxy: I love God through loving.
Here is my rule: Do towards others as I would have them do towards me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


My mouth will never know

the caress of yours

from your deep kisses

I will have no memories

of burning swollen lips

My lips will never taste you

your mouth

your tears

your sweat

your essence

I will never be haunted

by memories of your warm skin on mine

or the enveloping heat of your

arms and legs around me

I will never know the bliss

of my eyes emptying into yours

as I am utterly poured out

into you and left in

the sanctuary of nothing

Still when your hand

lingers on me

I am electric and

I dissolve

into bittersweet simplicity

I float on the sound of your laughter

We are twins

and strangers

I am deeply integrated into you

though never intertwined

it is impossible not to love you

Over an eternity never to be conversed

the distance will be the alchemy

transforming my leaden circumstance

into the pure element of my being