Saturday, June 11, 2011


My mouth will never know

the caress of yours

from your deep kisses

I will have no memories

of burning swollen lips

My lips will never taste you

your mouth

your tears

your sweat

your essence

I will never be haunted

by memories of your warm skin on mine

or the enveloping heat of your

arms and legs around me

I will never know the bliss

of my eyes emptying into yours

as I am utterly poured out

into you and left in

the sanctuary of nothing

Still when your hand

lingers on me

I am electric and

I dissolve

into bittersweet simplicity

I float on the sound of your laughter

We are twins

and strangers

I am deeply integrated into you

though never intertwined

it is impossible not to love you

Over an eternity never to be conversed

the distance will be the alchemy

transforming my leaden circumstance

into the pure element of my being

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