Monday, July 26, 2010


Sit back.


Take a breath or two or three.

This is a place of restoration, a place to empty and restore hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. This is a place open to the pacing, wondering and resting of Spirit. This is a place of peace, a place for the love we call God. This is a place for simplicity in the Spirit. This is a place which promotes the sacred space between us, face to face.

There are few rules. Respect the sacredness of our relationships and let our interactions reflect this. Do not use obscenities as respect for others, to promote interaction with all age groups, and to promote creative word-smithing. Cussing is way too easy, as I should know. Treat one another peacefully. No form of violence will be permitted here, including trolling. That being said feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind or in your heart, just remember there may be youth present. I believe youth can handle any subject presented in a thoughtful and mature way.

Please submit your own creativity here with us, poems, prose or any other art form.

A little about me, I seek the Spirit abiding in all creation. Flora, fauna and everything in between are my friends... except cockroaches. Hate 'em. I fear no creature on this earth, or off it, except cockroaches. I think it goes back to being a toddler and encountering palmetto bugs twice the size of my feet... I still shudder. Yet, I don't think they should be eliminated entirely. They have a purpose, I guess. But, it's beyond my understanding. I pray they continue to respect my sacred space and I'll respect theirs.

I'm a believer. I believe in Spirit. I believe the teachings of Jesus as the core of my understanding... all of this. Which means for me that I believe there are many mansions in the joy of life in spirit and I believe that those aren't against us are for us. In other words, I believe the word of God is "Love". This means for me that all who abide in love abide in Spirit and all who abide in Spirit abide together. I believe in changing water for wine, filling the cup and passing it around to whoever wishes for a drink. I worship in the Episcopal tradition and share communion and community in a parish in Atlanta. My parish is a wonderful group to share my wrestling with Spirit and the various states of ego I pass through... there is always someone with a bag of ice to cool my bruises and a hand to help me back up! I also joyfully embrace the all inclusive nature of my parish and The Episcopal Church.

Welcome then. Sit and stay if you wish, and pass the cup.

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