Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Today from every dark place, every nook and cranny, every crevice and cave, from under every stone and rock, from even the rocks themselves, came the great cry of creation, of life's inability to be suppressed. The great shout goes up defying death's folly and self-indulgence, as it is the Cosmos' plan, the Living One's victory that life always returns, always rises up, again and again and again.

We know this whether we always see it or not. And more, today we know that we are made in God's image, their image, male and female, in their image too in our capacity to love as well. This is what's so special about us, we can choose to love, and the greater our willingness to suffer the exquisite pain of loving, the greater and deeper our love and being loved grows, growing ever, like the expanding Cosmos, which is hoping to be big enough to contain all the love we have to grow in God's promise, and each other.

This is the great shout coming from the depth of our being, the sorrows of our hell, into which the great love of Jesus enters into, pulling us out of the depth and dark of our suffering and into the light of his love, God's love. All I need to do is have the courage of my Lady Mary Magdalene, to go to and look into the tomb, see it empty of death and full of life's hope, and though like her, confused and terrified, I too can go running, shouting the joy of Love's victory!

We can know it. We can live it.

Happy Easter!


  1. John, this is perhaps the most beautiful writing I've ever encountered regarding Easter. Thank you!