Thursday, June 28, 2012


Eventually we will all "have to choose a side". Despite all the human flaws incumbent with the history of humanity, even the cynic must realize that one force is at least "less evil" than the other, and that the course of history is writ as one small imperfect victory, for justice and liberty, after another. We have to choose between the forces which perpetuate greed and injustice, or the forces of the also flawed, who in spite of their flaws still say, "Yes, I am my brother's keeper and all humans are entitled to justice in the face of the perpetration of greed and poverty for the sake of servicing the greed."

I remain convinced that this is an act of faith which leads me, as a terribly flawed Christian, to the cross of decision, and the act of faith which leads me to also take up the cross of social conscience and action. This is the very least of compassionate awareness and faithfulness which compels me to act, if nothing more than simply being the appropriate Christian response to the sacred compassion of Jesus giving himself to the cross for me.

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