Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Prayer for the Anglican Rosary

This is a prayer for the rosary developed from a series of prayers which came out of meditations I experienced while doing the daily job in my former employment as a Meals on Wheels driver. Atlanta traffic will drive people to rage or prayer and in my case at least, sometimes both: as a result I found myself in more and more frequent prayer and open eyed meditation while driving. There came out these times of driving meditations, seven prayers which coincide with the seven prayer beads separating the cruciform beads. These prayers came to signify to me God’s presence within the daily work in the world, my job, and to remind me of the intention of my life through-out the day, especially in the face of the day to day challenges of remaining centered in Spirit, while performing the day to day tasks of living in the world.

On the Anglican rosary, the cruciform beads, the four large beads, honor the Trinity, which calls on the presence of God as: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The seven smaller beads represent prayers offered in communion with God’s presence. The invocation of the Trinity may represent specific needs for the prayer. For example, I enter into the cycle of prayer intent on healing, so with the first large bead then I usually say, “Heal me, Living God: Loving Father Creator: Loving Brother Healer: Loving Mother Spirit Sustainer.” I repeat this with each large bead, through the cycle of large beads and seven small beads, until I reach the first bead again, which then serves as the last bead (where have you heard that before? And, the last bead will be the first bead when the cycle begins again), and I ask, “Bless me, Living God: Loving Father Creator, Loving Brother Healer, Loving Mother Spirit Sustainer. Amen.” In between the Trinity beads, with the seven smaller beads, I pray these seven prayers:

1. God is love: God is with me now and always.
2. Jesus is the loving compassion at the center of my being: Jesus is with me now and always.
3. She the Spirit is the clarity of my mind, my wisdom, and the joy of my soul: She sustains me now and always.
4. God is the courage and calm of my open heart: God is with me now and always.
5. Jesus is the bearer of my pain and my healing: Jesus is with me now and always.
6. God is my liberation, my restoration, and my transformation: God is with me now and always.
7. God is my energy and my strength: God is with me now and always.

While there are traditional prayers for the Anglican rosary, these prayers represent for me first, a timely and practical instrument to respond to the cycle of activity and emotions which run through the course of the business day. They also remind me of what I need to be sustained, through the confrontations of the day and to keep them in perspective regarding my intention to remain centered in the love of God. This prayer also serves to remind me, that ultimately, I have no control, as I intentionally surrender to the compassion of God as the means to the end of my day… Blessings in Jesus Compassionate

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  1. Thanks you John. This gives me another
    vehicle for the long and winding road...