Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday after Ash Wednesday

“Be strong and let your heart take courage, *
all you who wait for the LORD.”
Psalm 31, Morning Prayer, Friday after Ash Wednesday, The Daily Office Book

This is a beautiful chant by Alastair Stout, unfortunately, the sound quality is bad, but still worth listening to. It is lovely:

For me, Psalm 31 sums up the cycles we seem to experience in life. I have gone through times of great distress, where I feel everyone and everything is against me, perhaps especially my notions of God, making God out to be something God is not, as in not a puppet-master, a magician, or someone I can make a deal with, someone who’s behavior I can change by my behavior.

As a Christian I believe God is the loving God found in Christ Jesus and that God does love us regardless of how we behave. It’s not whether I believe I’m lovable or whether God will abandon me if I behave badly. God’s love will never abandon me or anyone else, God’s love is the constant I can wait on. What matters most is whether I will respond to God’s compassionate love, by in turn offering my compassion to the people and world around me.

Trust in love’s divine power, wait, be strong with courage and allow love’s power, God’s power, to take shape in your heart, mind and hands. Give the mustard seed of compassion the time to grow while caring for it and nurturing it in the caring of yourself and those you come in contact with.

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