Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Lent Two

“But as for me, I am poor and needy; *
come to me speedily, O God”
Psalm 70, Thursday Lent Two, the Daily Office Book, Year One

I am poor and needy. There resides in me great poverty, poverty of spirit, wisdom and the capacity to better know the fullness of God’s being. For all that I have, materially, intellectually and emotionally, there still remains emptiness of spirit, love and compassion. This is a poverty which can’t be made a place of wealth solely by my own volition. This poverty can only be filled by God’s grace and can only be realized by my own willingness to lay myself bare to the world around me, to engage and embrace the need of others. We all have needs, needs of security and love. To be filled with the great joy and fullness of love, we must follow Christ’s example, God’s example, to pour ourselves out, poor our love out, into the need of others. To have the true security of abiding love, we must play fearlessly as a child in the Divine Irony; we must give away our love. Our love is the greatest wealth we possess, given us by God to decide whether to withhold or give. Love is the one thing we truly own, in our giving it away, we fashion with God a poverty which God will refill, in greater wealth than before, as we persist in our intention to selflessly invest our love in community and in God. This is a theology of abundance to believe in. From our pouring out we may be again filled by compassion and know the ever growing joy of love’s graces, God’s graces.

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