Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent One, Wednesday

“Furthermore the LORD said to me, ‘I have seen that this people is indeed a stubborn people.”
Deuteronomy 9, Wednesday, Lent One, Evening Prayer, the Daily Office Book, Year One

Yes I am. At times I will do anything to avoid the truth of who I am. At times I will deny I am a sinner, one who misses the mark, one who still causes intentional suffering and worse, one who denies the suffering I experience, to avoid my being perceived as mistaken, or flat out wrong. At times I will do anything to deny my own vulnerability and woundedness. Worst of all, I still will deny myself as God’s child, and in doing so; deny the Christ within me required to do the painful work of healing. The first step is to surrender my stubborn denial, open myself in vulnerability acknowledging the pain, and to accept it fully. It is only then, in my accepting my own pain, that I can make the honest request for healing. As God called the Israel to liberation in Deuteronomy, God calls us to be liberated from our suffering. It is my stubbornness which restrains me. What is restraining you?

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