Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Lent Three

“LORD, how great are your works! *
your thoughts are very deep.
The dullard does not know,
nor does the fool understand, *      
that though the wicked grow like weeds,
and all the workers of iniquity flourish,
They flourish only to be destroyed for ever;*
but you, O LORD, are exalted for evermore.”
Psalm 92, Friday Lent Three, EveningPrayer, the Daily Office Book, Year One

How often I feel like the dullard fool lacking the understanding to see what is right in front of me, those tired fears and anxieties, those “wicked” things which get between me and just the simple of joys in living, the joys of friendship and love. Again and again though, God comes to me in prayer and meditation and God’s deep thoughts reveal the truth of my being, in as much as I am willing to trust. Often this leaves me with the question, “Am I willing?” Am I willing to surrender the anxious habits and distractions which impede, or even sabotage, my relationships and my relationship with God. Can I accept these "wicked" things about myself so  God may be free to “destroy” them “for ever”? God wants to relieve me of the barriers between us, I then need courage to be open about them and to offer them up.

A Prayer for the Anglican Rosary

Take time between the prayers and discern what they mean to you.

Bead   1: God is love, God is with me now and always.
          2: Jesus is the loving compassion at the center of my being, Jesus is with me now and always.
           3: She the Holy Spirit is the clarity of my mind, the wisdom of my heart, and the joy of
   my soul, She sustains me now and always.
           4: God is the courage and calm of my open heart, God is with me now and always.
           5: Jesus is the bearer of my pain and my healing, Jesus is with me now and always.
         6: God is my liberation, my restoration, and my transformation, God is with me now and always.
          7: She the Spirit is my provision, my energy and my strength, She sustains me now and always.

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