Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Lent Three

“So teach us to number our days *
that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”
Psalm 90, Saturday Lent Three, Morning Prayer, the Daily Office Book, Year One

Now is the precious moment. Is there no greater wisdom for the human heart to perceive and for the mind to consent? Now is the great sacred space, now is the holy landscape to travel, hills and mountains, sweeping valleys and deserts, rivers and oceans, skies of blue light and gray rains, in lightening and rainbows,  in nights black and empty wrapped in clouds and nights full of light, of stars. In as much as we walk this earth, these spaces are deepest within, and deepest of all in the space between you and me, in between the space God fills between us, in the vastness, the great arrays of our open hearts, open minds and open hands. Now is the precious moment.

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